Tagging Help
Tagging, at first, can seem very confusing. However, you simply need to suggest a new tag to our system. We have a page dedicated to suggesting tags for each category for your convenience. You should always consider suggesting tags that already appear on that page so you can gain a lot of free reputation.


Suggest a single tag in the input box. This tag should be something that is currently used, or should be used to describe an asset in a doujin. If the main character has black hair, you would suggest the tag black_hair. Notice the underscore in the tag. This is important.

Tagging names is a bit of a hot topic for Japanese related sites. We take a more relaxed view of it here. While we prefer that you use the Japanese name of a character over the American version of it, both may exist for making searching more effective for people who are not familiar with their Japanese name.

Tagging in romanji is fine, however we prefer that you do not use any character sets other than the standard English on our site for tagging as it can potentially break the search, make something harder to find, or cause other unexpected issues.

Tagging Groups (Disabled)

There is a separate page for suggesting tag groups. Tag groups are a bit more complex in that you need to put them all on a single line. You separate each tag with a space. So if the main character is known to wear a plugsuit, has red hair and blue eyes and their name is Soryu Asuka Langley, then you would input the following into the box.
red_hair blue_eyes plugsuit soryu_asuka_langley