What is Reputation?
Reputation is your trustworthiness. It can vary between 0 and 1. This is used to define how much trust you have within our system. Logic will have that the higher your reputation is, the more we can trust your input and the more weight we give you to throw around. This means the higher you can make your reputation go, the more likely your tag suggestions will go through immediately.

What Changes Reputation?

Reputation fluxuates by suggesting tags. You will put a small bit of your reputation on the line for each tag you suggest. If other users come by as well and suggest the same tag you did, the tag is accepted and your reputation is restored (plus interest). If the tag is accepted, but it shouldn't have been, a staff member can delete the tag that was approved and you will lose the reputation you gained and what you paid. This will effectively set you back and could potentially make it so you have no weight in getting any tags approved.