Help With Commenting
Comments are generally welcome. This is a community after all, so contributing to the ongoing discussion will give you an identity and helping out is always good. If you know something interesting about an image (such as an author's comment or related video), but there's no designated place to put it, the comment field is where it goes.

Basic Commenting Guidelines

You probably have the urge to make a comment on the site. We allow that. You simply need to locate that page and enter what you want to say into the textarea box. But before you do, read these helpful guidelines.

Be Polite
Senseless aggravation is indistinguishable from trolling, and in egregious cases can lead to a ban. Try to write clearly, with proper grammar and spelling. This just makes comments more comfortable to read. Don't worry if English is not your first language, just do your best.

Racism is Not Tolerated
Even in jest. This includes any malicious or disparaging comment about an ethnicity. Comments that are insulting to a particular sex or sexual orientation are also frowned upon.

Posting with the Caps-Lock on makes you look like a disruptive, stoopid asshole. Remember, you only need to move your pinky seven-sixteenths of an inch to not sound like a buffoon.

Mark Your Spoilers
Remember, not everyone watches a show as soon as it comes out. Spoilers should be always be marked, even if they're several years old.

Do Not Abuse Emoticons
Don't post lines such as "OMG >_< this is so funny~~~!! xD She totaly did that on purpose :PPP btw any1 have link to full download >_>". One emoticon per post should be the absolute upper limit, and you should be way below that on average. Just think how often you make such faces when speaking in real life; that's how often you should be making them in comments.

Be Tasteful
While a lot of the content on the site is pornographic, that doesn't mean that other users want to hear about your sex life. Don't brag about your sexual experiences. Also, don't brag about illegal activities or encourage other users to commit crimes, ESPECIALLY if it overlaps with aforementioned sexual experiences.

Consider the Forum
Sometimes a discussion will go on for a long while. Commenting is not efficient for this sort of thing. Consider carrying that conversation over to the forum so that other users who don't use the commenting system can see it and possibly contribute.

Do not Self-censor
TheDoujin has adult content. There is no need or reason to censor your comments. It usually just comes off as annoying. B*tch.

Fix the Mistake. Don't Just Mention It.
If you see a mistake that should be fixed, don't leave a comment about it unless you are not sure what to do. Fix the mistake yourself if it is obvious instead of asking "Why is this explicit doujin rated safe?" If you are not absolutely sure what to do, leave a comment.

If you're unsure about something in an image you uploaded, we heartily recommend a short comment pointing this out. This could be anything from asking for artist/source to how to romanize a new anime or character. We'd much rather have you comment like this and give someone with the knowledge the opportunity to help out, rather than leaving it half-finished and having someone go back and clean up the mess you left.