BBCode is just a way to style some of your text on our site. We support BBCode on most user input areas on our site, including but not limited to the comment section and forum. Below is a list of code we support. We support a handful of BB-esque code, and will add more on user request.

Basic BBCode

You can make your text bold!
[b]This text will be bold![/b]

You can make your text italicized!
[i]This text is all slanty![/i]

Want to quote someone?
[quote]I said this one time, and now someone is quoting me.[/quote]

Want to keep someone from having their day ruined?
[spoiler]Snape kills Aeris with Rosebud.[/spoiler]

Want to strike through some text and replace it with something else while still showing what was striken?
[s]I hate[/s] You love spaghetti.

And for those of you who need a code box to save formatting as you input it, well we have one. It also changes the font style to stand out better.
So this is a story
all about how
my life got flipped
turned upside down

Advanced BBCode

While not technically advanced, we also support automatic url generating, so there is no need to do anything but enter a url to have it turned into a clickable link.

You can also use multiple BBCode in a single case. Note how the opening and closing BBCode follow the order in which they were started, only in reverse.
A [b][i][s]little[/s][/i][/b] lot overkill...