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Original Filename: _Noise__Don_t_Even_Think_About_Getting_Rid_of_Those_Puppies_(Comic_LO_2015-02)

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user_avatar #6397 Anonymous said on Wed Oct 7 2015 10:09:56 spamReport
stupid or not,it is a question.

user_avatar #6028 whyamievenhere said on Thu Aug 13 2015 2:58:58 spamReport
Humorous and stupid fit's with this one........ I LIKE IT! But damn was shaking my head at the plot and to be honest i think thats what makes it funny and stupid how it all played out. Regardless how it played out though made it a good read. Art styles good too.

user_avatar #5604 1465193124 said on Wed Jun 17 2015 1:21:37 spamReport

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