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user_avatar #4005 blazephamthom said on Wed Nov 19 2014 2:05:23 spamReport

user_avatar #3810 Lorisor said on Mon Oct 27 2014 22:23:02 spamReport
Yeaaaa...I don't think this was part of the original run of the series, as far as I can remember Ryo only fucked Takumi that ONE TIME and they never showed him again beyond that. This is in-between. Probably the particular romp with Ryo that got her pregnant.

user_avatar #3807 Ciro01 said on Mon Oct 27 2014 19:38:17 spamReport
If you guys even bothered to would know, the full eng translated manga is already on here. Its called TSF Monogatari. Searching the author's name should take you right to it.

user_avatar #3801 Anonymous said on Mon Oct 27 2014 10:13:22 spamReport
English version is available on E hentai, along with all the other chapters.

Honestly I don't know why they bother to maintain this site, all it ever makes me do is go elsewhere to get the full thing and in the right language.

user_avatar #3791 whyamievenhere said on Mon Oct 27 2014 5:49:19 spamReport
english version would be nice

user_avatar #3790 nimgin1 said on Mon Oct 27 2014 4:07:34 spamReport

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