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Original Filename: Love story of a girl and her dag

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user_avatar #22722 Salty said on Wed May 17 2017 4:44:42 spamReport
Was great until the

<Spoiler Alert!>

dog died

user_avatar #22552 User88888 said on Mon Feb 27 2017 15:50:39 spamReport
Page 135:
Girl: Quit enjoying yourself so damn much
Me: Don't tell me what to do...wait

user_avatar #22161 Anonymous said on Wed Jul 13 2016 0:36:56 spamReport
Well... that got kinda fucked up.

user_avatar #21619 Anonymous said on Tue Mar 15 2016 0:31:09 spamReport
That was a fucking ride dude. I've never read anything like it.

user_avatar #7187 Anonymous said on Wed Jan 6 2016 1:10:31 spamReport
I just wanted to fap. This was an experience.

user_avatar #6779 Anonymous said on Tue Dec 1 2015 8:01:36 spamReport
Didn't read it all the way,but little girl+dogs+oral sex is a winner and this gives it in spades!!!
One of the greatest dog-little girl stories!!!

user_avatar #6510 Anonymous said on Mon Oct 26 2015 3:57:22 spamReport
that was alot darker than i thought it would be but the story creativeness is just awesome

user_avatar #5301 Anonymous said on Wed Jun 3 2015 2:27:02 spamReport
Came for the fapfest.
Left before I came.

user_avatar #4392 Anonymous said on Fri Jan 30 2015 9:18:40 spamReport
Jesus... like others have said, it goes fucking loony toons before long and then straight to fucked-up-ville at the end. Still managed to read through it for some reason though. Just couldn't stop.

user_avatar #4261 Anonymous said on Mon Jan 5 2015 2:21:51 spamReport
jeez i was definitely not expecting things to go that way

user_avatar #4070 gmankilla2898 said on Tue Nov 25 2014 10:03:05 spamReport
Love it

user_avatar #4061 Anonymous said on Mon Nov 24 2014 18:43:25 spamReport
It's freaky when that girl gives birth to a flesh lump she calls a baby.

user_avatar #4060 Anonymous said on Mon Nov 24 2014 16:37:35 spamReport
Fucking bastards, i came here to fap, not to ruine my life!

user_avatar #3919 Anonymous said on Mon Nov 10 2014 14:48:14 Comment Flagged
yeah great story, one psychopathic little girl turning another naive girl into a sadistic possesive psychopatic little girl. fantastic story...NO ITS NOT!!!!

user_avatar #3765 Anonymous said on Sat Oct 25 2014 20:31:20 spamReport
this went from extremely hot to extremely not towards the end.

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