From To Status Reason
rave_master rave Accepted Official title in COO
re:zero re:zero_kara_hajimeru_isekai_seikatsu Accepted Full name
reimu_hakurei hakurei_reimu Accepted First name before family name. Family name before first name is traditional, but unknown by most new users.
rem rem_(re:zero) Accepted Series qualifier
rimjob anilingus Accepted Redundant tag
sailor_chibimoon sailor_chibi_moon Accepted Correct spelling
sakuya_izayoi izayoi_sakuya Accepted We use the original Japanese order for character names.
sanji(one_piece) sanji Accepted No need for a qualifier.
sex_toys sex_toy Accepted Redundant tag
sex_toys sex_toy Accepted Singular form is preferable
son_goku son_gokuu Accepted Correct full name
straight_shotacon straight_shota Accepted same thing
strap_on strap-on Accepted Match Gel/Danbooru
strapon strap-on Accepted Match Gel/Danbooru
subaru_natsuki natsuki_subaru Accepted Correct name order


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