From To Status Reason
naraku naraku_(inuyasha) Accepted Per Gel/Danbooru policy.
nekomimi cat_ears Accepted Same meaning; English terms are preferred over Japanese terms.
nico_robin(one_piece) nico_robin Accepted No need for a qualifier.
not_translated untranslated Accepted They have the same meaning, untranslated is used more and it's simpler.
nurse_joy_(pokemon) joy_(pokemon) Accepted Official name.
older_woman milf Accepted similar enough in usage they should be treated synonymously
one_piece_swimsuit one-piece_swimsuit Accepted Gelbooru uses one-piece_swimsuit.
one_piece_swimsuit one-piece_swimsuit Accepted Spelling mistake.
onegai_sensei onegai_teacher Accepted Actual official Japanese name
partial_color partially_colored Accepted To match the single-image equivalent on Gel/Danbooru
portgas_d._ace portgas_d_ace Accepted Match Gel/Danbooru
pretty_sammy mahou_shoujo_pretty_sammy Accepted Full official name
pussy_licking cunnilingus Accepted same meaning
ragnarock_online ragnarok_online Accepted Correct spelling.
ram ram_(re:zero) Accepted Series qualifier


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