From To Status Reason
kikyo kikyou_(inuyasha) Accepted Correct name with series qualifier.
kissing kiss Accepted Same meaning, Gelbooru uses kiss
kitsunemimi fox_ears Accepted Same meaning; English terms are preferred over Japanese terms.
krillin kuririn Accepted Correct name
kuro_kagami kagami_kuro Accepted proper name order
lesbian yuri Accepted Preferred term as per Gelbooru's tag policy.
lolicon loli Accepted more widely used
lolita loli Accepted normalize
mahou_sensei_negima mahou_sensei_negima! Accepted Full name.
mlp my_little_pony Accepted Same series; full, non-abbreviated name.
monogatari_(series) bakemonogatari Accepted same thing. bakemonogatari tag has more right now. It might make sense to alias the other way around. (bakemonogatari > monogatari_(series))
mosaic_censor mosaic_censoring Accepted Match Gel/Danbooru
mosaic_censorship mosaic_censoring Accepted Match Gel/Danbooru
naked nude Accepted To match Gelbooru's policies.
nami(one_piece) nami_(one_piece) Accepted Fixed spelling


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