From To Status Reason
futa_on_futa futa_with_futa Accepted To match Gelbooru.
futari_wa_pretty_cure futari_wa_precure Pending Match Gel/Danbooru
gang_bang gangbang Accepted Per Gel/Danbooru tag policy
gang_rape gangrape Accepted Per Gel/Danbooru tag policy
gay yaoi Accepted More used
gochuumon_wa_usagi_desu_ka gochuumon_wa_usagi_desu_ka? Accepted Proper spelling of the title.
goku son_gokuu Accepted Correct full name
group_fuck group_sex Accepted Per Gel/Danbooru tagging policies
hibiki_ryoga hibiki_ryouga Accepted Correct name
ichigo_100 ichigo_100_percent Accepted Correct name
ichigo_100% ichigo_100_percent Accepted Match Gel/Danbooru
inu_yasha inuyasha Accepted Per Dan/Gelbooru tagging policy
inu-yasha inuyasha Accepted Per Gel/Danbooru tagging policy.
kasumi_(dead_or_alive) kasumi_(doa) Accepted Match Gel/Danbooru
kemonomimi animal_ears Accepted Same meaning; English terms are preferred over Japanese terms.


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