Alias Listing
From To Status Reason
1_girl 1girl Accepted Same meaning
1_man 1boy Accepted Same meaning
1f1m 1m1f Pending just reversed
2_girls 2girls Accepted Same meaning
2f yuri Pending 2f is used to discribe sex between two females, so basically yuri
2m yaoi Pending 2m is used to discribe sex between two males, so basically yaoi
3_girls 3girls Accepted Same meaning.
4_girls 4girls Accepted Same meaning.
5_girls 5girls Accepted Same meaning.
6_girls 6+girls Accepted Same meaning.
6girls 6+girls Accepted Same meaning.
analingus anilingus Accepted The correct term is anilingus.
aya_shameimaru shameimaru_aya Accepted We use japanese order for names.
bb large_breasts Accepted To match Gelbooru's tagging policies.
big_breasts large_breasts Pending To match Gelbooru's tag policies.